About us

LES HIRONDELLES.com has been a family run business for 32 years for the Whyte-Venables family.

Having enjoyed many family holidays in France it seemed natural to eventually buy a holiday home.

In 1980 we bought Les Hirondelles with lots of hard work and help from friends, family and good workmen we transformed a ruin into a comfortable holiday home. In 1984 we put in the swimming pool and then we were in business. Over the years the garden has matured and we have updated certain features inside whilst keeping the rustic character of the house.

In 1995 down the road from Les Hirondelles a manor house became available which we sold up in England and moved lock, stock and barrel.

Hence starting more adventures: the renovation of our house, the creation of our garden, the conversion of the Bakery, the Winery and the Pigeon Tower.

We have enjoyed the work and love living here.

Fifteen years ago Kate our daughter joined us with her family.  She now runs the changeovers of the houses and the maintenance of the swimming pools.  She is married to Francois who is a muscian and a teacher at the local Jazz school.

Charlie & Tom her sons help with general maintenance in the garden for their Granny when they can.  

Charlie is now a qualified Engineer and is based in Paris. Tom graduated from his marketing degree and has found local employment.

Sarah our other daughter manages the sales and marketing. Sarah has enjoyed renovating her family home in Guildford with the help of her very practical husband, David. 

Sarah and David have their two children James and Lucy. 

David has spent 3 years renovating the Barn at Les Hirondelles which is now their family home and James and Lucy are at the local French schools.

So all together it's very much a family run business.  We look forward to meeting you during the forthcoming year.